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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started
  • What is THN?
    The Hotels Network is an innovative technology company working with over 19,000 hotels around the globe. Boasting an international team of specialists with deep expertise in hospitality, product design and consumer marketing, the company offers hotels the latest technology to grow their direct bookings.
  • How can THN help my direct bookings grow?
    The Hotels Network offers customers a full-stack growth platform to power their direct booking channel. By leveraging a series of integrated tools and analytics, hotel brands can attract, engage and convert guests throughout the user journey, helping to boost website conversions and ADR.
  • How many hotels are using your solutions?
    More than 19,000 hotels around the world trust in The Hotels Network. We are working with a wide variety of accommodation providers, including some of the world’s most prominent hotel brands, luxury hotel groups, resorts, serviced apartment brands, hostels and independent hotels.
  • Do you have testimonials from customers?
    Sure, please have a look at our case study section. You will find customer testimonials as well as details of how we helped them increase their direct bookings.
  • Is my business too small to use THN?
    In order for you to see a real improvement in your direct bookings through The Hotels Network, ideally your website should generate a minimum of 10 direct bookings per property per month.
  • How do I get started implementing THN?
    It couldn’t be easier!
    • The 30-day trial has zero cost for you
    • All the set-up work is on our side
    • Super simple integration with your booking engine
    • Average increase in website conversion rate of 32%

    To implement THN, the only requirement is it is that you have a website with a booking engine to generate direct bookings.
  • I don't want to start a free trial yet. Can I still see your tool?
    Of course. Please contact us and we will be happy to perform a live demo.
  • Is it possible to implement an A/B test during the free trial?
    We offer a free 30-day trial of our solution so that you can experience our technology first-hand and see the positive results for yourself.

    If you want, during the trial we can implement an A/B test whereby your website visitors will be split into two groups: those browsing the existing version of your website and those who see our tools.

    At the end of the trial, we will provide you with a full analysis of the A/B test results showing the impact of the tools on your website conversion rate and revenue.
  • How difficult is it to the add the THN script to my website?
    It couldn’t be easier! It just involves adding a simple line of code to your existing website. 10 minutes should be more than enough for your technical team to have it up and running.
  • Is your software compatible with all booking engines?
    The Hotels Network software is compatible with more than 250 booking engines. If your booking engine is not on the list, don’t worry, we’ll find a solution!
  • Do I need to integrate your solution with my PMS?
    It’s not necessary to integrate THN with your PMS – our solution works independently from your PMS.
  • Do I need to download or install any software on my computer?
    No, our solution is fully cloud based. In other words, its use is 100% online.
  • How long does it take for your solution to start having an impact?
    The effectiveness of our solution is visible from day one. Our tools will help you improve your hotel website conversion rate as soon as they are activated.
  • How can I track the performance of what I am doing with THN?
    Within the tool, we provide you with beautiful performance reports that are customizable, editable and downloadable from the dashboard. You can track all activity, measure the ROI of campaigns and see at a glance how your direct booking conversion rates are increasing.
Pricing & support
  • How much do your tools costs?
    We offer several different pricing plans tailored to fit your needs and budget, from entry level to all-inclusive enterprise options. Contact us directly for more details.
  • How many users is it possible to add?
    There is no limit to the number of users to whom you can grant access.
  • Can we apply different access rights depending on the user?
    Yes, different access levels are available for each user.
  • Do you provide training on how to use your tools?
    During the initial set-up, we provide personalized user training on all our features so that you can optimize the use of our tools. In addition to on-going training sessions, you can also consult our online help centre at any time which includes a whole host of “how to” videos.
  • Will I have a support contact?
    Of course, we provide on-going support at no cost to all our customers. You can benefit from the guidance and know-how of our Customer Success team, via email, phone or online training.
Zoom on product
  • Can I update campaigns on my website myself?
    Yes, all your campaigns are accessible and editable at any time in your customer area.
  • How many languages does your tool support?
    Our solution allows you to display tools and messages in more than 30 different languages.
  • Will your tools affect my web speed?
    No, installing our script on your website should not affect the speed. Our script will only launch once all the content of your page has loaded.
  • Is THN compatible with the mobile version of my hotel website?
    Of course, our tools adapt automatically to different versions of your site: mobile, tablet, desktop.
  • Does your solution only provide the tools which appear on the website simulation I saw on the Conversion & Personalization page?
    No, our solution is much more complete! The simulation you can see only shows a few basic examples to give you an idea of how our tools could look on your hotel website. For a complete overview of our solution, it’s best to ask for a demo with one of our experts.
  • Can I personalize the content and design of the messages I display to users?
    Definitely! You can customize the format, design, color, text, and location of your messages – there are literally hundreds of options. Everything can be done by you directly through our user-friendly interface, no coding required.
  • Can I show different messages to different users?
    Yes, you can choose who sees what, thanks to our advanced targeting options. You have dozens of segmentation options so you can make your campaigns visible to certain users while making them invisible to the rest of your users. It’s all about personalizing the user experience for each visitor – and we enable you to automate this.
  • Is THN price comparison in real time?
    Yes; the price is taken in real time from a hotel's website and compared with the best available rate on the different OTAs. It's therefore 100% accurate: we only display OTA rates that we have collected in real time.
  • Do you offer an API?
    Yes, you can use our API to import dashboard data and build your own custom dashboards. Typically, this option is used to integrate THN data with data from other sources, to have just one single dashboard for all your data needs.

Any other questions?

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