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Predictive Personalization
Predictive Personalization

Segment, attract and convert your website lookers into bookers

Oraculo harnesses machine learning techniques to predict user behavior and effortlessly optimize campaigns for each and every user.
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Oraculo, algorithm-powered optimization

Today, each traveler is unique, with distinct behavior and expectations. With Oraculo, for the very first time, you can add the user into the revenue management equation and personalize every touchpoint in the direct booking funnel. After all, hospitality is personal.
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In the online booking journey,
all users look the same

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With predictive personalization,
every user is different

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Oraculo Attract

Traffic acquisition targeting to improve your hotel’s ROAS (Return On Ad Spent)
  • Bring high-intent users who didn’t convert back to your website
  • Optimize search, display and metasearch campaigns to lower CPA
  • Drive a higher conversion rate without increasing ad spend

Oraculo Convert

Predictive Personalization to boost website conversions while reducing promotional costs
  • Create highly-targeted website campaigns driven by an algorithm
  • Get additional reservations from users who would otherwise leave without booking
  • Increase ADR and revenue from high-value website visitors

The first predictive algorithm for hotels in the world

An advanced algorithm.
Millions of interactions.
Each one matters.
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How Oraculo works

Harnessing the power of machine learning, Oraculo segments users in real time by assigning a value score to each individual based on hundreds of variables, spanning past behavior to current interactions.

Coupling advanced technology with human expertise, Oraculo enables hoteliers to launch value-targeted campaigns that are automated and hyper-personalized. The upshot? We guarantee you will receive more direct bookings while reducing marketing costs.

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