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Vouchers & Gift Cards
Vouchers & Gift Cards

Offer irresistible hotel vouchers and gift cards

Increase pre-paid sales, compensate affected guests and reward your most loyal ones.

A powerful tool to generate immediate revenue and encourage guest loyalty

Personalization is in our DNA. And so, it’s no surprise that the force behind our voucher solution is our unique targeting system, making sure your voucher offers and messages always hit the spot.

What’s more, you have full flexibility to create unlimited vouchers, in multiple languages and currencies, applying your own terms & conditions.
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A full set of online voucher options to suit every occasion

The sky is the limit when creating Hotel Vouchers! Whether you want to generate instant revenue, reduce cash refunds or encourage loyal guests to book a new stay, we’ve got you covered.


Remove any uncertainty your visitors may have around dates. Offer vouchers and gift cards to engage visitors to stay at a later date while getting revenue today.


Compensate affected guests and avoid cancellations. Send vouchers to encourage guests to rebook at a later date.


Praise your loyal guests. Send vouchers with gifts or offers to incentivize service reservations, increase ADR and bring guests back to your property.

Seamless set-up and management

Our platform couldn’t be easier to use. Create inspiring hotel voucher offers and launch powerful promotional campaigns in just a matter of minutes. A 10% discount for vouchers over $500? A voucher for a complimentary spa pass with your next booking? It’s time to get imaginative!


Craft attractive vouchers and gift card offers choosing from a wide variety of formats, designs and settings.


Design eye-catching messages and apply advanced targeting rules to promote vouchers in a personalized way on your website or if you prefer, via email.


Keep track of voucher sales and manage the redeeming process in real time within our comprehensive online platform.
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Try it out!

Contact us today to discover how you can launch vouchers at your hotels to give your direct booking strategy an instant boost.